Safety Dolly Accessories

Accessories Fitted for the Saw Trax Safety Dollies

Dock Transition Wheels

Move Up and Down Ramps with Ease

  • Price: (set of 4 transition wheels)
  • Includes 1 extra caster for center of dolly.
  • Used for taking the low 4" caster dolly in and out of trucks over dock plates.
  • Comes with an extra caster under the dolly and 4 side wheels. (2 front/2 back)
Price: $110.00


Secure Your Dolly In Place

  • Price: (set of two)
  • Each brake has a 600 lb load rating.
Price: $130.00

Additional Post Lengths

Extra Support Vertically

  • Price for pairs or single posts.
  • Not available for the Scoop Dolly or Panel Express.
  • Our standard posts are 56" long.
  • We recommend the 62.5" posts for Mattresses and 72" posts for Doors and/or Windows.
From $30.00 - $70.00

Table Top Posts / Horizontal Handle Posts

  • These posts can be used as handles for maneuvering your dolly, or as a flat top surface for work.
  • Sold in a set of 2 or 4.
  • From $229.00 - $399.00

    Set of 4 Y Posts

  • These posts are designed to cradle product. Products like rugs are easily maneuvered into the cradle.
  • Sold in a set of 4
  • Price: $399

    Dock Delivery Posts

  • These two posts allow you to easily move mattresses and similar products out of trucks or docks.
  • Sold in a set of 2
  • Price: $399

    Corner Bumpers

    • Price: (set of 4)
    • Prevents the corners from gouging a wall, especially handy in hotels and office buildings.
    • Also can be used to connect the dollies by length or width.
    Price: $30.00

    Forklift Posts

    For Moving Top Heavy Loads

    • Price: (set of 2)
    • Stores vertically.
    • Exclusively for the yel-Low Dolly.
    Price: $150.00

    Forklift posts with bracket, pair (2)

    Lift and move your yel-Low Safety Dollies with a forklift over long distances. Great for warehouse use. Keep top heavy loads from pulling the dolly off of the forks.

    A welded bracket is welded to the end of a 47" post. The posts can be stored on the dolly vertically when not in use and used on opposing sides of the dolly horizontally when in use. The dolly can be rolled onto the forks so the brackets attach to the forks or the forks can be driven into the brackets. This keeps a top heavy load on the dolly from pulling the dolly off of the forks of the forklift. Much safer way to transport the dolly with a forklift.

    Price: $149.95