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Scoop Dolly

Fast, Easy, Safe, and Efficient!
Move your heavy, tall, narrow and long products around your warehouse or onto a truck safely, without a forklift with just one man.

Tall, long and narrow objects like door units, staircases, window units, panel saws and prefabricated walls are difficult to move or load onto a truck. The Scoop Dolly makes loading or unloading these top-heavy objects a breeze. It's unique design allows just the "scoop" section to pivot instead of tilting the entire dolly. This eliminates lifting injuries by not lifting. By adjusting the support saddles forward or backwards, the center of gravity of the object is kept over the dolly base. Objects from 3 ft. to 12 ft. tall can be carried. With the optional leverage bar, other heavy objects like bureaus and furniture (3 ft. tall or more) can also be loaded easily. The unique design allows the dolly to operate like a hand truck on a dolly. Unlike standard hand trucks, the object can be moved in any direction making long objects easy to move. Unlike conventional door dollies or drywall carts, the carrying section pivots instead of the entire dolly. This makes the dolly ergonomically easy to use by one person. Once loaded and tilted back, the load on the Scoop Dolly remains stable without needing to be supported by the operator. Load it and roll it, or walk away!

Our standard dolly can carry up to 800 lbs. but you can upgrade to a heavy duty 1000 lb. You can also add Ramp Wheels or the Leverage Bar option. Call Us for pricing on these great accessories!

Price: $1139.00

Dolly Max

An All-terrain and Portable Multi-function Cart

The Dolly Max is an all-terrain and portable multi-function cart. It was inspired by a shop who liked the Panel Express for sheet goods but also wanted to carry cabinets with the same cart. It is used as a tear-out dolly for demolition, sheet rock dolly, yard cart, mattress cart, moving dolly, furniture dolly, scaffolding dolly, fence dolly, lumber cart, drywall cart and more! Large 12.25″ foam filled all terrain flat free tires on the rear, with 5″ locking casters on front allow the user to easily cross thresholds, air hoses, yards, and other rough terrain. Easy to transport to the job site!

Price: $699.00

Jobsite Dollies

Introducing the Job-site Dollies!

This is a manufacturer direct item only. Made to order.

We are pleased to announce that we are adding two new products to our line of material handling equipment - the SawTrax Job Site Shuttle Dolly and Job Site Scoop Dolly. These heavy-duty dollies are specifically designed for outdoor use and can handle materials weighing up to 800 lbs. They feature a durable powder-coated steel frame and large, foam filled all terrain flat free tires for easy maneuverability on rough terrain.

Shuttle Dolly

The Shuttle Dolly can be used in the warehouse as a fulfillment dolly, mattress dolly, door or window dolly, TV dolly, kayak dolly or to move any large bulky object. It is designed to be customized for the needs of the user.

This is a larger version of the yel-Low Safety Dolly. With the larger base, comes increased carrying capabilities needed in a warehouse. With the wheelbarrow handle option, a load of sheet goods can be pushed without touching the sheet goods. Instead of turning a loaded dolly around in a confined space, the wheelbarrow handles can be removed and inserted in the other end.

By upgrading to 5" casters, the body is raised from .625" from the ground to 1.75" making greater ground clearance for going outside or over dock plates. There are 7 wheel attaching points. The dolly can be made directional by using a fixed caster in the middle, by using two fixed casters in the middle or by using two fixed casters on one end. To maximize the weight capacity for carrying granite sheets, all 7 caster positions can be used for a weight capacity in excess of 2000 lbs. Upgrade the 56" posts to 62.5" posts for mattresses or to 72" posts for a door and window mover.

Base model includes a steel powder coated box 36" by 29", four 56" posts, four 4" poly on iron casters and 12 vertical post positions. By varying the caster size, caster type (variable or fixed), post length and wheel barrow handles, the Shuttle Dolly can be customized to fit the needs of multiple industries.

Price: $669.00

yel-Low Safety Dolly

Get 3 to 4 times the productivity from your people.
Move items faster, easier, safer, with less product damage with the yel-Low Safety dolly.

The yel-Low Safety Dolly is a truly innovative and “indestructible dolly” for any industry. It can carry mattresses, large flat screen TV's, bulk items like kayaks or ping pong tables, headboards, desks, sofas, chairs and most items up to 1000 lbs. With a powder coated uni-body steel box, the yel-Low dolly sits 1/4″ lower than a 3-inch floor dolly and an inch lower than a 4-inch dolly. It's about the height of a pallet. The low loading height allows one person to tilt an object to load it instead of lifting an object onto the dolly. The tilt vs. lifting allows one person to load and go instead of two person loading or 4 person carrying. What makes this a truly innovative moving device is the post system that allows the dolly to be reconfigured for any job at hand.

Price: $669.00


Secure Your Dolly In Place

  • Price: (set of two)
  • Each brake has a 600 lb load rating.
Price: $149.00

Additional Post Lengths

Extra Support Vertically

  • Price for pairs or single posts.
  • Not available for the Scoop Dolly or Panel Express.
  • Our standard posts are 56" long.
  • We recommend the 62.5" posts for Mattresses and 72" posts for Doors and/or Windows.
From $59.00 - $79.00

Raised Safety Dolly

This gives the user the option of using the dolly inside in the low configuration or outside with the wheels mounted to the corners. Locking casters are substituted for the normal casters and a bracket is used to support the fourth hole of the caster with the bottom of the decking.

Price: $689.00

Job Site Shuttle Dolly manual

Can carry two sets of pre-hung and patio doors at once.

Using the patented adjustable post system of the Safety Dolly, the larger all terrain Job Site Shuttle Dolly is the ideal choice for many job site needs.

Price: $2700

Rack & Roll Safety Dolly

Indoor/Outdoor Safety Dolly with Locking Casters

The Rack & Roll Safety Dolly Cart is the ultimate locking caster dolly cart / moving dolly cart / warehouse dolly cart & all around dolly. Built to perform, this low profile dolly has an all caster zero turn radius. Based on the same steel platform as our yel-Low Safety Dolly but features 4" locking stem and wheel casters. These casters are mounted to the corners of the dolly giving it more ground clearance than the yel-Low Safety dolly allowing to go outside on uneven surfaces. When wanting the low profile of the yel-Low Safety Dolly, but needing the feature of locking casters; this is the perfect choice.
This portable and small footprint dolly is great for indoor and office use. Offers excellent maneuverability and even fits on most rental truck loading ramps! Interchangeable post system offers maximum flexibility to move almost any load, from thin pieces like book shelves and TV’s to large pieces such as couch, desks, or mattresses. The Rack & Roll Safety dolly can carry 3 to 4 times the load of traditional flat carts or hand trucks while being easier, faster and safer to load. With the 8 posts it is ideal as a rolling rack for Sign shops to store material or move product to the printer or cutter.

Price: $729.00

Panel Express, Slab, Glass, Drywall, Door and Plywood Dolly

Self Adjusting, All-Terrain Panel, Glass, Sheet and Slab Cart and Dolly

The Panel Express Self Adjusting All-Terrain Panel, Sheet and Slab Cart can breeze over obstacles both inside and out. This is the perfect dolly for carrying glass or granite. For drywall, you are able to carry up to 18 half-inch sheets with the optional shelf or 10 sheets without! How does it work? Self adjusting brace mechanism automatically adjusts to hold up to three inches of material.

Simply set your substrate down onto the dolly and the rubber lined clamp automatically clamps down on the piece. Need to carry more sheets? Lock the brace open and load up to 3 inches of substrates in the clamp and stack your additional sheet goods on the optional shelf. Includes locking casters for easy loading or unloading on a sloped driveway, a convenient handle for moving the dolly when empty and maintenance free foam tires that never go flat or need air. 700lb capacity! Great as a drywall dolly, glass dolly, granite cart, door dolly, plywood dolly and more. Now you can easily go to the back door when necessary. It has a 26" wheel base and a low carry height so it is ideal for back door entries. The Panel Express panel cart is even able to carry fully framed doors and windows on the optional shelf!

Price: $679.00