Coro Claws

Ultra-Durable Corrugated Plastic Cutters

Coro Claw 4 mm

Cut through or score cut corrugated plastic signs, posters, pictures, and sheets in seconds.

The Saw Trax Manufacturing’s Coro Claw flute cutter makes it easy to cut or score corrugated plastic materials such as Coroplast along the flutes. The mounted blade between two guide prongs and ergonomic handle allows you to make precise cuts along the flutes through stiff plastic signs, posters, pictures, and sheet. Cut your Coroplast sheets into small pieces, crop pictures. Score cut without affecting the printed side for POP displays. This is great for making boxes, containers or custom shapes for packaging..

Price: $18.49

Coro Claw X 10 mm

Hand-held flute cutter for 10 mm corrugated PVC

The Coro Claw flute cutter video shows how easily the Coro Claw X is to use. Crop signs, pictures and shapes to suit your needs by taking off excess material. If you want single strips for a construction project, the Coro Claw X cuts straight through the corrugated plastic to give you widths of any size. Use the scoring edge to bend 10 mm coro into desired angles or cut straight through full sheets to make smaller pieces.

Price: $31.95

Biddi Safety Knife

Bi-Directional Handheld Safety Cutter, Does not need backing to cut.

Unique cutting head cuts both in a forward motion and backward motion without the need for a backing! Blade is fully protected and will not cut into table top, laminater or printer.

Price: $19.95


Quickly and Easily Connect Fluted Materials

  • Coro-Pins are designed to slip into the flutes of Coroplast® to easily connect pieces together
  • Loop designed on top to easily suspend signs made from Coroplast®
  • You can make a one sided or two sided sign out of one sheet of Coroplast®
  • Score Coroplast® to make 3 or 4 sided, free standing columns
  • Easily make POP displays, free standing and portable signs
  • Sold in a box of 20 for $16.95
Price: $16.95