Can a Dolly Cart be Used to Move a Mattress?

Move a Mattress with a Dolly
moving a mattress can be much easier with a dolly. It requires high posts that are adjustable (based on the size of the bed such as King or Queen, and height

If you’ve ever tried to move a mattress, you know it’s not a walk in the park. These bulky items can be unwieldy, heavy, and difficult to maneuver. Thankfully, modern technology and innovation have presented solutions for easing this task, like the use of dolly carts. But the question remains: can a dolly cart really be used to move a mattress efficiently? Let’s delve into the topic.

The Mechanics of Moving a Mattress

Mattresses, regardless of their type—foam, innerspring, hybrid, or latex—are hefty and cumbersome. Their flexible nature can make them tricky to move, as they can bend, sag, or fold unexpectedly. Traditional methods, such as carrying by hand, can put a strain on your back, risk damage to the mattress, and require multiple people. This is where a dolly cart enters the picture.

The Role of a Dolly Cart

A dolly cart is a platform on wheels designed to transport heavy or bulky items. When it comes to moving a mattress, a dolly can:

  • Reduce the physical strain on the mover, as the weight of the mattress is distributed across the platform.
  • Allow for easier navigation through tight spaces, thanks to its wheels.
  • Increase efficiency, as less time and effort is spent adjusting and readjusting the mattress during the move.

But All Dollies Are Not Made Equal

While a generic dolly can aid in moving mattresses, certain features can make the task even smoother. Some dollies come with adjustable configurations, corner protectors, or special designs tailored for mattresses.

Enter the yel-Low Safety Dolly

Considered an “indestructible dolly,” the yel-Low Mattress Moving Safety Dolly stands out as an innovative choice for moving various items, including mattresses. Here’s why:

  • High Weight Capacity: It can support up to 1000 lbs, ensuring even the heaviest mattresses can be transported easily.
  • Low Loading Height: The unique low design allows for easier loading. Instead of lifting, one person can simply tilt the mattress to place it on the dolly, reducing the risk of back injuries.
  • Reconfigurable Post System: This system ensures that items are snugly fit, preventing them from falling during transport. For mattresses, this means a secure fit without wobbling or slipping.
  • Safety Features: The yel-Low Safety Dolly is designed with safety at the forefront. If mis-loaded, it won’t topple but will merely tilt, preventing potential injuries.
  • Comparison to Traditional Tools: The yel-Low Safety Dolly is lower than a regular floor dolly, facilitating easier loading. Plus, its post system can be adjusted to snug items in place, which is not a feature commonly found in traditional carts or hand trucks.
  • Versatility: The dolly can be used in various configurations, depending on the item being moved. For mattresses, there’s even a dedicated ‘Mattress Dolly’ variant equipped with longer posts and corner protectors.
  • Durability: Made from a uni-body 12 gauge steel powder-coated frame, this dolly is robust, ensuring longevity.
  • Economical: By enabling one person to do what would traditionally require two or four, the yel-Low Safety Dolly offers enhanced productivity, potentially saving costs in manpower.

How About a KING and QUEEN Mattress?

King Mattresses pose similar challenges but they are magnified because of it’s sheer size and weight. You’ll want a wider base for stability to carry the payload such as our Shuttle Dolly

King Mattress Dolly King and Queen Mattress Dolly Moving a King Mattress Dolly for King Mattress Dollies for Mattresses


Yes, a dolly cart can be used to move a mattress, and using specialized dollies like the yel-Low Safety Dolly can make the task much easier, faster, and safer. Whether you’re in the hotel industry, moving business, or just shifting house, investing in a high-quality dolly can save you time, money, and potential injuries.

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