Dollies Made To Meet Your Needs

Carts & Dollies Made To Meet Your Needs

Customizing Scoop Dolly to meet your needs
Conversation at the supply vending machine company.

My goal is to design and build the carts and dollies that solve material handling problems.  The original Scoop Dolly was the result of my own need to move our vertical panel saws in the safest and simplest way.

Last week, I met with someone who wants to use our Scoop Dolly to drop a vending machine door onto a pin attached to the frame.

He already likes how the Scoop Dolly makes it easier to move his vending machines and their components.  But he also needed a product that would help him in other ways.

Some of his machines have two doors, an upper and a lower, and he was thinking that if the scoop dolly could help him drop on the top door, like he drops on the lower door onto the pin that holds it, it would add value to just moving the pieces around.

By learning his product and his problem, over the next two days I designed and built the prototype.

The door is positioned tilted back and then when tilted upright, the hole in the bottom of the door lines up over the pin and the door is positioned. It allows one person to attach the door instead of two, and makes it easier on the one person because the door is always supported. This version has a three position shelf.

The resulting prototype allowed him to drop on the top door like he drops on the lower door onto the pin that holds it.  Problem solved!

If you have a material handling challenge, send us an email!  Maybe Saw Trax can help you solve it with a cart or dolly made to meet your needs.

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Superior Value In All Of Our Products

Here at Saw Trax, we have a simple philosophy.

Make A Superior Product
Our products are made with a critical eye for detail, the best materials, and a craftman’s heart.

It’s why we use sealed steel bearings; they will last for the life of the machine and always roll smoothly.

It’s why we have a patented alignment system, called Accu-Square.  That means that once it’s set, your cuts will always be square and you don’t have to think twice about it.

Respect Our Customers
It’s why we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

When you call us, our customer service representatives will ask a lot of questions, and listen very closely to your answers! Most likely, they’ll ask you a question about something you hadn’t even considered – all because we want you to purchase the right machine for your needs!

Yes, we have lots of accessories that are very useful but if, for example, you don’t need a laser guide … we’re not selling you one! We know our panel saws and carts are going to last a long time (like “family heirloom” long!) – and we want you happy every time you use them.

Offer A Whole Lot Of Value For Your Money

It’s simple. Our goal is to have sustainable, profitable growth by providing a superior value in each product we produce, through innovation, customer service and superior workmanship.

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Cutting 7 Gauge Sheet Steel – No Kidding

Our Saw Trax vertical panel saws are probably the most versatile panel saws on the market!

With our Universal Plate, it takes just seconds to switch from a wood cutting saw to a metal cutting saw. The sealed steel bearings ensure that the carriage moves smoothly, every time.

And check out the dust collection system. It really sucks (in a good way).

Whatever you need in a panel saw, Saw Trax has you covered.
saw trax panel saw cutting steel sheet

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Cute And Creative Ideas With Coroplast®

It’s not just for yard signs!  You might never have heard of Coroplast®, but you’ve definitely seen it (corrugated + plastic = coroplast)!  Last year’s midterm elections brought yard signs out in force, and those sturdy visuals are made of Coroplast®.

It comes in sheets, in a variety of sizes and colors, is very affordable, and is extremely durable. And because it’s inexpensive and sturdy, it’s not just for signage anymore!

If you’re helping decorate a school, church, or local theater production, consider Coroplast® for your set design. Check out some of these ideas.

Because Coroplast® is weather-proof, it is great for outdoor holiday decorating! Spice up your Halloween with some yard ghosts, your Christmas decorations with some gifts on the lawn.  Pinterest is LOADED with ideas (of course… that’s why it exists!).

You will need to be able to CUT the Coroplast®, however, and for that you will need a special cutter.  Not surprisingly, we are partial to ours!  You’ll also want to pick up coro-pins to hold your corners together.  Learn what you need to know about cutting your Coroplast® from our video below.  Happy creating!

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Before You Shop: 10 Tips For Purchasing A Panel Saw

10 Tips to Choosing the Best Panel Saw for You

All panel saws seem the same, so how do you know which one to purchase? Since the devil is in the details, we came up with 10 tips to help you choose the best panel saw for your needs!

1. Does it use an “Off the Shelf” saw, or is it a proprietary saw?

  • If you’re looking at a panel saw that uses a proprietary manufacturer’s saw, plan on long downtimes when you have a saw problem. Being proprietary, you will have to buy it from the manufacturer and wait for it to ship. Our saws use a standard Makita 5007F or a Makita Hypoid that you can buy at the local store.

2. When your blade needs replacing, how easy is it to find your saw blade size?

  • Does the saw use a standard 7.25″ saw blade, or is it a non-standard size used in a proprietary saw? Big name stores carry almost two dozen different 7.25” blades. If you choose a proprietary saw using an 8″ job site table saw blade, be prepared to special order it and pay a higher price.

3. Consider the bearing mechanism.

  • The bearing mechanism should be designed to make the carriage move smoothly and with no play. Saw Trax uses sealed steel bearings, which provide friction-free movement. Our competitors use a U-bolt with black rings as bearings. With these, when the play is taken out, the carriage becomes harder to move.

4. Material support

  • Material support is an important consideration, especially if you’ll be cutting full size sheets. A Saw Trax full size machine uses 18 material rollers, as well as a center step for support, vs. 14 rollers of other panel saws. Keep this in mind when comparing brands.

5. Square Cut Alignment

  • For square cuts, guide tube alignment with the material rollers and roller alignment is critical. Saw Trax has a patented “set it and forget it” alignment system called Accu-Square, which ensures square cuts for the life of the panel saw. The rollers are not adjustable so there is only one adjustment for squaring vs. 13 on other panel saws. Make sure to keep this in mind as you compare panel saw systems.

6. How easy is it to replace key components?

  • Unfortunately, as hardy as panel saws can be, they are subject to damage in transit, or in store, or in your own shop (can’t tell you the number of times we’ve heard of rampaging forklifts killing saws … Yikes!).
    At Saw Trax, we know “accidents happen” and so on our saws, two key components are bolted onto the frame:  the guide tubes and the fences. Both can be changed out in minutes.
    When welded components like the material fence or guide tube become damaged, you will need to replace the entire saw. Also, the heat from welding often distorts the material and can leave unseen faults that will affect the structural integrity of the metal, but it is a less expensive way to manufacture.
    Because structural integrity is so important, bridges and buildings are riveted/bolted, never welded.

7. Take your function and materials into consideration!

  • There are many different materials people use, from OSB to plywood, from acrylic to PVC, from hardwood to solid surface, and more. If you will be using several different materials, you want a machine that is flexible for your needs. Saw Trax uses a quick release carriage (change it in 8 seconds!) that allows for different tool inserts to be used. Different cutting tools are available, such as a router insert that accepts many standard routers, a pivoting knife insert for dry wall or foam materials, a glass cutter or a rolling shear. These options are not available in competitors’ standard machines. Some Saw Trax customers buy a second saw instead of changing saw blades for different materials (aluminum and acrylic) or a steel cutting saw turning the panel saw into a steel sheer.

8. How long does the machine take to set up?

  • It varies among brands, so take time to compare. Saw Trax provides many components factory-attached like a stand, wheels or optional mid fence, which means you’re nearly ready to go as soon as the machine arrives. You’ll be cutting in no time.

9. Flexibility of feed

  • For some operations, it is faster having your measuring system on both sides of the cut when cutting pieces from a full sheet. This is why Saw Trax provides one vertical and two horizontal measuring tapes.

10. Dust Collection

  • With so many different materials, such as cement board, and the chemicals in some substrates, air-borne particulates become an important concern. At Saw Trax, we have the dust brush surrounding the saw blade under the insert with a 2.5″ hose attached to the dust bonnet, which can be attached to a standard Shop Vac for extraction of the suspended particulate. Our design also keeps the hose away from the saw, which sounds obvious, but not everybody does it!
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Scoop Dolly Shows Off!

Yesterday, we visited Atlanta Specialty Millwork to show them our Scoop Dolly in action. The demonstration went great!

Because there was no dock transition plate, they needed two loaders to hand-carry a door unit into the truck. When the scoop dolly with the dock transition wheels rolled over the gap and into the truck, these guys were sold!

Their current dolly also needed two guys for unloading – to keep the door or window unit from slamming into the wall and breaking.

Not anymore! With our Scoop Dolly, the user can stand on the dolly when unloading. This means that the unit can be let down slowly without slamming into the wall.

Thanks for letting us visit, ASM! We’re happy our Scoop Dolly can make your loaders’ work lives easier, faster, and more productive!

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Bet You Didn’t Know…

Here at Saw Trax, we are always thinking of ways to make your life easier.

Our carts are already super useful and maneuverable, but did you know that they could also be linked together to form a train? This can cut your workload tremendously.

By using E-track slots to attach the dollies to one another, we created a way to move not only multiple items at one time, but also a complete variety of items that would usually require separate and different dollies. Imagine how much time you can save with this method!

Remember … if there’s a way we can help you with your material handling needs, we’re here and we’re ready!

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The Versatile Dolly Max

Recently I bought an assortment of wood to build shelves in my garage.

I had two by fours,  pieces of plywood, one by fours, and two by twos, all tossed into the back of my pickup. When I unloaded my truck, I was able to stack the wood in sections of my Dolly Max.  This made it really easy to roll the wood right to my worktable and pull the right piece out, instead of walking back and forth and rummaging through the pile of stuff.

In the garage I have folding sawhorses that I was able to pull out, throw a sheet of plywood on, and use as a worktable to build the shelves.

What I really liked about this dolly was that I was able to sort the wood instead of rummaging through a stack of random lumber and looking for the right piece.  I was also able to see where the knots were in certain pieces so that I could use those pieces on non-critical support areas.

I’ve used this Dolly Max a number of times for moving items, but it turned out great as a mobile lumber rack!  I was able to take it right up to my chop saw and work table.  Having the wood sorted like this made building the shelves easier and faster.

Every time I use the Dolly Max, it seems I find a new purpose for it!  It is one of the best purchases I have made for my garage and workshop.  I may even take the dolly on my next trip to the lumber store and load it there, so it will already be organized when I get home.

I think the employees there might get a little jealous.  Would that be showing off?  Maybe, but what the heck!

truck full of shelving wood
Dolly Max loaded with shelving wood

Dolly Max worked great to sort out the wood!

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Bring It On…Dolly Max Can Take It!

Dolly Max loaded with custom wood pieces
The Dolly Max hard at work at a specialty wood shop.

This custom, specialty wood shop has a new workhorse!  They just purchased the Dolly Max and put it to work right away.

The Dolly Max is a portable, all-terrain multi-function cart with large 12.25″ foam tires that will never go flat.  So easy to handle and maneuver, one person can move a ton (literally!).

The Dolly Max design was inspired by a shop who liked the Panel Express for sheet goods, but also wanted to carry cabinets with the same cart.

The Dolly Max is perfect as a tear-out dolly for demolition, moving dolly, sheet rock dolly, yard cart, mattress cart, moving dolly, furniture dolly, scaffolding dolly, fence dolly, lumber cart, drywall cart and more!  With 5″ locking casters on front, the Dolly Max easily crosses thresholds, air hoses, yards, and other rough terrain. Easy to transport to the job site!

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You’re Still The One!

Ok, maybe we don’t scratch this gentleman’s itch, but he still wouldn’t switch (apologies to the band Orleans)!

This customer has had one of our panel saws for 20 years now.  He’s so happy with it, that he took the time to come by our booth at SGIA 2018 to let us know!

Our products are truly built to last.  We didn’t know we would be making a family heirloom, but for close to 30 years we’ve been making products you can count on.

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