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Bring It On…Dolly Max Can Take It!

Dolly Max loaded with custom wood pieces
The Dolly Max hard at work at a specialty wood shop.

This custom, specialty wood shop has a new workhorse!  They just purchased the Dolly Max and put it to work right away.

The Dolly Max is a portable, all-terrain multi-function cart with large 12.25″ foam tires that will never go flat.  So easy to handle and maneuver, one person can move a ton (literally!).

The Dolly Max design was inspired by a shop who liked the Panel Express for sheet goods, but also wanted to carry cabinets with the same cart.

The Dolly Max is perfect as a tear-out dolly for demolition, moving dolly, sheet rock dolly, yard cart, mattress cart, moving dolly, furniture dolly, scaffolding dolly, fence dolly, lumber cart, drywall cart and more!  With 5″ locking casters on front, the Dolly Max easily crosses thresholds, air hoses, yards, and other rough terrain. Easy to transport to the job site!

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You’re Still The One!

Ok, maybe we don’t scratch this gentleman’s itch, but he still wouldn’t switch (apologies to the band Orleans)!

This customer has had one of our panel saws for 20 years now.  He’s so happy with it, that he took the time to come by our booth at SGIA 2018 to let us know!

Our products are truly built to last.  We didn’t know we would be making a family heirloom, but for close to 30 years we’ve been making products you can count on.

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Leverage is the key!

Leverage is the key!

The Scoop Dolly design came about because of our own need to move the vertical panel saws we build.  Just like the one in the video above, these saws can weigh up to 655 pounds and we needed a better way to move and load them.  And when everyone’s busy working, the Scoop Dolly makes it easy for one person to handle the job!

So easy in fact, that you can be a petite woman in heels!

The Scoop Dolly is great for a variety of industries (such as window & door companies and staircase manufacturers) and warehouses; for products from large appliances to large boxed furniture!

If you need to move bulky, large, top-heavy or heavy items, the Scoop Dolly is perfect for you.  In many situations, the Scoop Dolly can take the place of a forklift, as well as reducing lifting injuries and workman’s comp claims.  Check it out here!


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Meet Our Latest Dolly!

Let us introduce you to our latest dolly… The Rug Dolly!

After visiting some carpet warehouses, we knew our Safety Dolly could be redesigned for their needs.  By tweaking the post design, the Rug Dolly came to be!

The Rug Dolly is easy to load, store, and maneuver.  For carpet manufacturers, it’s carry height makes loading on multiple roll machines a breeze!  The all-caster design makes long loads extremely maneuverable.  Re-positioning the posts (or laying them down on the base) makes the dolly incredibly space-saving and easy to store.  The fact that it tucks out of way makes it perfect for warehouse clubs, where customer and employee safety is a priority.

Our dollies are absolute workhorses!  Built in the USA out of powder-coated steel, they are strong enough to move up to 1000 lbs, yet easily maneuverable and ergonomic enough for one person to handle.

We are very proud of this new addition to our dolly and panel saw family!

Saw Trax Rug Dolly
Rug Dolly at work at a local Home Depot.
Rug Dolly at a local Home Depot
Rug Dolly at work at a local Home Depot
Saw Trax Rug Dolly
Our dollies store easily! (That’s the manufacturer’s dolly on the left.)
Saw Trax Rug Dolly at work
Handling the load with ease!
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