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Exciting new Panel Saw Dealer!


Saw Trax Manufacturing has been leading the Vertical Panel Saw industry for years with our line of Panel Saws and we are excited to announce our newest distributor partnership: CPO Commerce! Founded in 2004, CPO is America’s leading online tool retailer. With over 45 online tool specialty stores, millions of professional and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) customers choose CPO for its wide selection of leading brands, great prices, and outstanding customer service.

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IWF 2014, All Hands on Deck


With the biggest booth Saw Trax has had at the International Woodworking Fair the 2014 IWF show was incredibly busy and successful. The 20′ x 30′ booth contained 4 vertical panel saws, a small beam saw and 5 different carts and dollies. With up to 9 sales people at a time in the booth everyone was busy. The six TV’s acted as extra salespeople to explain the products when the live salespeople were with customers.

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Now on the Big Screen and soon on the Little Screen, Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saws and Dollies

Late in September, the block buster movie “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington will be opening in movie theaters all over the Nation. The movie is set in a Home Depot type store that is using the Saw Trax 2064 vertical panel saw. In this trailer, 27 seconds from the beginning, you will see the Saw Trax Vertical panel saw on the left side of the screen. A Dolly Max Dolly was also used in the filming of this movie. The Dolly Max is an All-Terrain, All-Purpose dolly cart. Both tools were returned after the movie was shot.

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Coro Claw Flute Cutter Tools

Here at Saw Trax Mfg. Inc., we pride ourselves on offering you the tools to handle any type of manufacturing or fabrication job. We’ve talked about many of our flagship products before here on our blog, especially our amazingly popular dolly carts for transporting heavy materials.

Today, we want to take a few minutes to introduce our blog readers to our Coro Claw flute cutter tools. These flute cutters and safety blades are designed to offer our clients the utmost protection while use as well as incredible ease when cutting through plastic and other materials.

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“I Guess You Want to Keep It,” the Story of the First “Cabinet Maker Machine Sold”

I was shooting promotional pictures outside of my new shop that I had just moved into. This is back in 1992, back when men were men and sheep were nervous. I had laid the stretched version of the weekender machine out on a big green tarp when my neighbors came back from lunch. They were real cabinet makers and the saw dust was evident on their shoes and saw dust tracks led into their door.

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Some Manufacturing is Coming Home to America, But Some Never Left

The state of American manufacturing is certainly in a much more difficult place than it used to be just a few decades ago. We have lost thousands of jobs to many foreign regions through the forces of globalization, and we’re still trying to learn how to handle the consequences.

Luckily, though, some are working to reverse the damaging effects of outsourcing jobs. More and more companies from coast to coast are bringing back jobs to the red, white and blue. However, let us not forget the companies that never left! In other words, not all American companies outsource their products. Like us, for example! The Saw Trax vertical panel saw is one such product that has been manufactured in America since day one.

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V Groove Dibond with your Panel Saw!

Have you ever V grooved Aluminum Composite on a Panel Saw? With the Saw Trax Floating Router attachment you can!

One of the many great features of ACM panels such as Dibond, Max Metal, Polymetal and others is the product’s ability to be scored, folded and transformed into dimensional shapes. Perfect for building point of purchase displays, trade show exhibits, back lit signs, lighted sign cabinets, architectural elements and more.

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yel-Low Dolly big hit in furniture showrooms

The designer of the yel-Low dolly describes the dolly by saying, “We didn’t reinvent the wheel, just the floor dolly”

Picture above shows Charles Camp of Haverty’s furniture in Marietta GA about to use the dolly to move two pieces of furniture, a foot board and a dresser, from the warehouse to a showroom display location.

Because the vertical posts can brace items in place, moving the furniture is safer. Because it has a larger base, more than one item can be loaded making moving faster with less trips.

The steel powder coated base uses 4″ casters. The 6 post configuration can also be used to move two mattresses safely at one time. The low “battle bot” appearance makes breaking the casters practically impossible. Broken casters are the usual demise normal floor dollies. For more information, contact Saw Trax Mfg. at


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New Prototype Dolly, looks like it hovers….

Because of the demand in the moving industry for a “Low Rider” version of the Dolly Max, Saw Trax, the makers of Vertical Panel saws are adding a new dolly to their line of carts but has yet to name it.

Right now it is referred to as the Hover Dolly because it appears to hover like the Hover Board from the Back to the Future series of movies.

The all steel dolly uses a pole system similar to the Dolly Max all purpose dolly but sits much lower to the ground topping out at 5.25 inches.  (A quarter inch lower than standard moving dollies.)

Even though it does sit lower, it uses larger 4″ casters that help it move better than the 3″ casters of the standard floor dollies.

The Prototype is currently being tested by Havertys and Aarons and should be in full production by the end of April.  This item will not be sold through distribution because of the higher manufacturing costs of being made in the USA.   For more information contact Saw Trax at

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Great vertical panel saws to start with.

Varsity and 1000 series of vertical panel saws are great multifunctional saws with an array of standard features that make them a the best value when compared with other machines in their price range.  Standard features like dust collection that actually works, a folding stand that is attached when it arrives, a stop system to make measured and repetitive cuts easily, a patented alignment system that prevents the machine from going out of square, a carriage that uses 12 sealed bearings for easy and accurate movement and a design that allows for other cutting heads like a router, razor knife, rolling shear and a glass cutter.

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