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The High Cost of Jobsite Injuries and How to Prevent Them: Focus on Lifting Injuries

Jobsite Lifting Injuries
Many jobsite injuries are related to straining lifting or moving heavy equipment, or having it fall or shift during transport either onto the person or physically damaging the spine through mechanical force.

Jobsite injuries not only cause pain and suffering for employees but also lead to significant financial losses for companies. Among the various types of injuries, those related to lifting are particularly prevalent and preventable.

Understanding the Impact

Jobsite injuries can result in direct costs such as medical expenses and compensation payments, as well as indirect costs including lost productivity, training replacement employees, and damage to company reputation. Lifting injuries, due to their nature, often lead to prolonged recovery times, increasing these costs substantially.

Prevention Strategies

Proper Training and Techniques

Investing in comprehensive training programs that teach proper lifting techniques is crucial. Employees should be trained to lift with their legs, not their back, and to ask for help with heavy items.

Ergonomic Equipment

Using ergonomic tools and equipment can significantly reduce lifting injuries. Items such as adjustable workstations, lifts, and automated machinery help minimize the physical strain on workers.

Regular Breaks and Physical Support

Encouraging regular breaks and providing physical support accessories like back braces can also prevent injuries. These breaks help workers avoid fatigue, which is a common cause of accidents.

Technology to the Rescue: Introducing the Scoop Dolly

Towards addressing these challenges, the Scoop Dolly presents a groundbreaking solution, particularly for moving heavy, tall, narrow, and long products around a warehouse or onto a truck safely, without a forklift, and with just one person.

Design and Efficiency

The Scoop Dolly’s unique design features a pivoting “scoop” section, which allows objects to be loaded without tilting the entire dolly. This design not only prevents lifting injuries but also simplifies the process, making it faster and more efficient. The dolly can accommodate objects from 3 ft. to 12 ft. tall, with the capability of handling up to 800 lbs., upgradeable to 1000 lbs.

Omni-Directional Movement

Equipped with omni-directional casters, the Scoop Dolly allows for movement in any direction, easing the maneuverability of long and bulky items through tight spaces. This capability is crucial in cluttered or confined jobsite environments.

Versatility and Accessibility

The Scoop Dolly also features optional accessories like Leverage Bars and Dock Transition Wheels, enhancing its versatility for various loads and surfaces. These additions make it an indispensable tool for diverse jobsite applications, from moving fully framed doors and windows to large appliances and pre-manufactured cabinet sections.

Safety and Cost-Effectiveness

By reducing the need for multiple workers to move heavy items, the Scoop Dolly not only cuts down on labor costs but also significantly diminishes the risk of lifting injuries. Its ability to keep the load stable and supported once loaded means less physical strain on the operator, thereby fostering a safer work environment.

Conclusion: Lessen Jobsite Injuries with the Proper Technology

Injuries related to lifting are a major concern on job sites, but with the right strategies and tools, they can be effectively prevented. The Scoop Dolly is a testament to how innovative solutions can transform workplace safety, proving that investing in such technologies not only enhances efficiency but also conserves resources and protects employees. By adopting tools like the Scoop Dolly, companies can ensure safer handling of materials, which translates to fewer injuries and a healthier bottom line.

For more information on the Scoop Dolly and its capabilities, download our brochure or find a distributor near you. Let the Scoop Dolly take the load off your workforce and see the difference in safety and efficiency it brings to your operations.

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Is Your Old Door Dolly Costing You Almost $9000 in the Next 2 Years?

Door Dolly
Saving money buying a used Door Dolly, or simply relying on a cheaper model (waiting for it to break) is actually costing you time and productivity, which is a secret killer to your profit margins.

Many millwork businesses continue to rely on their old gray door dollies, postponing the upgrade to a more efficient and safer Scoop Dolly until the older model fails. This blog aims to illuminate the financial implications of this decision. In the brief time it takes to read this post, you’ll understand how this choice could potentially cost your company nearly $9,000 over the next two years.

Let’s start with a basic analysis, making a few assumptions for clarity. If you find any of these assumptions to be unrealistic, please feel free to reach out:

  1. The door dolly is utilized three times daily.
  2. The older gray dolly requires an additional person to assist with loading and unloading because the dolly must be tilted.
  3. The employee earns $20 per hour.
  4. Factoring in benefits, vacation, medical, and payroll taxes, the total cost of employing this individual is $40 per hour.
  5. The additional time spent by a second employee amounts to a waste of 10 minutes per use, which includes the time taken for the employee to leave their workstation, assist with moving the door, and then return to their previous productivity levels.

Under these assumptions, using a Scoop Dolly, which requires only one person, saves about 30 minutes daily, or 2.5 hours per week. At an hourly cost of $40, this equates to a weekly saving of $100.

The purchase price of a Scoop Dolly, equipped with enhancements such as a weight capacity upgrade to 1,000 lbs and dock transition wheels for easier truck loading, is around $1,347. Including shipping costs for a fully assembled unit, the total investment comes to approximately $1,500.

This investment breaks even in just about 15 weeks, or roughly 3.5 months. Over the subsequent 37 weeks, your productivity savings would amount to $3,700. Extending these savings into a second year, the total reaches approximately $8,900.

If you’re considering waiting until your old dolly breaks down, perhaps a proactive approach—like symbolically taking a sledgehammer to it—would be more beneficial. This not only allows you to begin reaping financial benefits sooner but also helps in reducing workplace injuries with the introduction of the Saw Trax Scoop Dolly.

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Cheap Door Dollies vs a High End Quality Dolly (Cost Benefit Analysis)

Cheap Door Dolly
Is a “cheap” door dolly really how you want to run your business?

Investing in the right equipment is crucial for improving efficiency and reducing costs in any business. This blog post delves into the cost-saving benefits of switching from a standard door dolly to a Scoop Dolly, particularly for companies currently using a less efficient model. By analyzing specific assumptions about daily operations, employee costs, and time savings, we demonstrate how the Scoop Dolly not only pays for itself within a few months but also continues to save money over time.

Current Challenges with Standard Door Dollies

Many businesses utilize a basic door dolly for transporting heavy doors within their operations. While initially cheaper, these standard dollies often require two people to operate effectively—one to manage the dolly and another to assist with loading and unloading. This necessity can lead to increased labor costs and decreased productivity, as it pulls employees away from their primary tasks.

Assumptions for Cost Analysis

To quantify the potential savings of switching to a Scoop Dolly, consider the following assumptions:

  • Frequency of Use: The door dolly is used three times a day.
  • Labor Requirements: The competing gray dolly necessitates a second person for loading and unloading.
  • Employee Wage: The base pay for an employee is $20 per hour.
  • Total Employee Cost: With benefits, vacations, medical, and payroll taxes, the comprehensive cost of an employee is approximately $40 per hour.
  • Time Lost: Each operation with the gray dolly wastes about 10 minutes of a second employee’s time.

Calculating Savings with the Scoop Dolly

Daily and Weekly Savings

Based on the outlined assumptions, using a standard door dolly requires an additional 30 minutes of labor each day. This equates to 2.5 hours of extra labor per week. Given the total cost of an employee, this results in a direct weekly cost of $100 attributable to using a less efficient dolly.

Long-Term Financial Impact

Over the span of four months, or approximately 17 weeks, these costs add up. The total extra expenditure reaches $1,700—equivalent to the price of a well-equipped Scoop Dolly, including shipping costs. After this initial break-even point, the Scoop Dolly begins generating savings of $100 per week for the company.

Yearly Savings and Return on Investment

In the first year following the purchase of a Scoop Dolly, the company can expect to save around $3,500, considering the ongoing weekly savings. This figure provides a clear financial justification for the investment, as the Scoop Dolly not only enhances operational efficiency but also leads to substantial cost reductions.


Scoop Job Site
Motorized Job Site Scoop Dolly

Switching to a Scoop Dolly from a standard door dolly presents a compelling case for businesses looking to optimize their operations. The initial cost is quickly offset by significant labor savings, and the long-term benefits include continued cost reduction and improved productivity. For companies currently using an inefficient door dolly, the Scoop Dolly offers a financially sound solution that pays dividends within months and continues to add value over time. Investing in the right equipment is not just about reducing expenses—it’s about enhancing overall business efficiency and profitability.

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Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly

The Future of Warehouse Mobility is Here

motorized job job site dollyShuttle Cement png

Welcome to the advanced world of warehouse management with our Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly – the ultimate solution for efficient, effortless, and safe material handling in your workspace.

Key Features:

Effortless Remote Control Operation

  • Ease of Use: Seamlessly control the dolly with a user-friendly remote, reducing physical strain on warehouse workers.
  • Precision Handling: Maneuver with pinpoint accuracy, making it ideal for navigating through busy or cramped warehouse environments.

Exceptional Maneuverability

  • 360-Degree Rotation: Our dolly boasts an unparalleled turning capability, executing a complete 360-degree turn in its own footprint.
  • Tight Space Navigation: This feature is a game-changer for loading and unloading in confined spaces, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Robust Design for Heavy-Duty Tasks

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of a busy job site, our dolly is designed for long-term, heavy-duty use.
  • High Load Capacity: Capable of transporting substantial weights, it’s an ideal tool for moving bulky items with ease.

Secure Payloads

  • Posts and Straps: Adjustable posts and straps for tall or awkward items

Warehouse Motorized Dolly job site dolly

Why Choose the Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly?

Improved Worker Safety

  • Reduces the risk of injury associated with manual material handling.
  • Decreases worker fatigue, leading to a safer and more productive work environment.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Speeds up the process of moving goods, directly impacting your operational throughput.
  • Allows workers to focus on more critical tasks, increasing overall workplace efficiency.

Adaptability to Various Environments

  • Equally effective in warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and retail backrooms.
  • Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of industries.


  • Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Battery Life: 2 Hours
  • Remote Control Range: 25 yards

IMG 1376 IMG 1378 IMG 1375 IMG 1374 IMG 1373

Customer Testimonials

Click on the reviews section to hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the transformative impact of the Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly in their operations.

Order Yours Today

Embrace the future of warehouse management with the Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly. Contact us for a demo or to place your order. Let’s make your workplace more efficient, safe, and productive!

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Custom Industrial Dolly Carts [Mega Scoop] 2000lbs Payload

Need a Dolly to Handle Extra Large, Awkward and Heavy Items? – Meet the “Mega Scoop”

Heavy Load Dolly

SawTrax doesn’t just deliver quality dollies; we innovate to meet your specific industrial needs. Our latest custom creation, the “Mega Scoop,” is a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions for our clients. Designed for Jeld-Wen, a renowned door fabricator, this dolly is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer in the transportation and handling of large patio doors.

The Mega Scoop stands tall and wide at 8 feet, accommodating the substantial dimensions of patio doors up to 16 feet wide and quad doors weighing up to 2000 lbs! The dolly’s robust design includes a 10-foot support across the top, ensuring stability and safety for oversized loads. It’s the perfect blend of brawn and brains, designed to navigate effortlessly through the demands of door fabrication and transportation.

Crafted with the same precision and care that SawTrax is known for, the Mega Scoop is nearing its final stage of perfection with the addition of foam padding on the front and top crossbar. This feature will provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the cargo remains pristine during transport.

At SawTrax, we believe that the right tools can make all the difference. That’s why for the right investment, we’re willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The Mega Scoop is more than just a custom dolly; it’s a symbol of our flexible approach and willingness to tackle unique challenges presented by our customers.

In your industry, when standard solutions fall short, and you need a heavy-duty, reliable, and custom transport solution, think SawTrax. Our team is ready to design a dolly that meets your exact specifications, helping you carry the load no matter how big or heavy it is. The Mega Scoop is just the beginning – let’s see what we can build for you!

Business Dolly Carts

High Payload Dolly Cart

Mega Scoop Dolly Cart

Large Warehouse Dolly

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