Alive In 5

The yel-Low Safety Dolly prototype is still going strong on its fifth birthday. Havertys Furniture and Aarons Rental were the two original customers that asked for a very low loading dolly that could go in any direction. This request was voiced after trying the Dolly Max all terrain utility dolly. Based on this input, we developed the yel-Low Safety Dolly.
After 5 years, we looked in on one of the original 5 Safety Dolly prototypes and it was still going strong at Havertys in Marietta, GA. The first picture below shows the original dolly and the second one is a recent picture in that store. Besides Havertys, the other dollies were tested by several companies.

American Signature testing
HH Gregg testing

Testing at a large electronics chain store that is sensitive about its name.

Since the original dollies were made, several improvements have been made to the dollies that improve their usefulness based on user input.  For instance, there is 18 vertical post positions instead of the original 14.  The dolly can be raised for outdoor use as seen below.

6 1
They can be trained together to be pulled by a tug.
The dollies can be used for furniture, mattresses, big screen TV’s, kayaks, ping pong tables and just about any use.

They can be connected as a long dolly for warehouse use.

So, if you know someone in the market for a portable, all-steel high capacity dolly that has 3 to 4 times the carrying capacity of most other devices and can go the distance, tell them about the Saw Trax yel-Low Safety dollies. 

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