Accu-Fence Alignment System

Patented Alignment System for Both Left and Right Side Fence

Left and Right Fence Locations on a 3000 Series Vertical Panel Saw


The Accu-Fence system is used on our full-size machines to ensure the rollers of the left fence line up with the rollers on the right fence.



The Accu-Fence system uses a similar indexed alignment system as the Accu-Square System to incrementally line up the outside of the right fence with the left fence.



This alignment is done at the factory and is set and forget so you don’t have to worry about it.


The Saw Trax Difference : The other guys weld their fences to the frame and have to make up for the alignment issues when the welds cool. To do this, they use the outside rollers as guides and all the interior rollers are on cams so they need to be adjusted up or down to correspond with the outside rollers. Not so simple as they claim! Their instructions have you removing the stand, laying the machine on a table and using a 10ft straight edge on their 10ft wide models to align all of the rollers.


The problem is no one makes a 10 ft. straight edge so you will need to make one yourself. Once you have the wheels aligned, you will need to make a squaring tool also. That is why their Owner’s manual has a 3-page squaring process.