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  1. the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.
  2. the capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose


With all the changes happening because of the novel coronavirus, adaptability has been an important trait for all of us to cultivate. Although adapting to the new standards in the workplace and in

social life has not been easy, it is necessary for us to take care of our own and to take care of our valued customers.

Saw Trax is a small home-grown manufacturing company, and social distancing rules have been so much easier to conform to thanks to this nature of the company. All our Vertical Panel Saws are built to order by one of our technicians and do not pass through all sorts of people before coming to you, the customer. These technicians know the saw inside and out. They ensure our panel saws are built sturdy and square. Our technicians even crate the panel saw themselves. You know they care for the safe transportation of the products because they have already spent so much time building them.

Our Vertical Panel Saws, much like our employees and customers, are also adaptable. They can be easily moved around the shop or to new job sites thanks to the optional factory attached folding stand and transport wheels. The quick release spring locks on the saw carriage allow for ten second tool swaps, and the spinning insert plate makes switching between standard and rip cuts fast and easy. Have you had to take on new material to fill a customer’s needs, or do you switch between different cutting jobs frequently? Our optional vertical panel saw accessories, like the OLFA pivoting knife insert plate or ACM cutter insert plate, allows you to be versatile and opens the door to new opportunities.

We are incredibly grateful for our dedicated employees here. They have continued to show their adaptability in this crisis. We are selling saws as fast as we can build them and that just shows how adaptable our great customers are as well. When things get challenging, you assess, you adapt, and you drive on.

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