2064 Comparison Chart

Competition does not have a 52" or 76" version available.

Saw TraxCompetition
Bearings on CarriageSteel Sealed Bearings, 12 per carriage, tighter tolerances, easier movement8 U-Bolt with nylon washers
Alignment SystemPatented Accu-Square system; Set & forget; Never needs adjustment.No alignment system;
13 alignment adjustments
Saw ReplacementOff the shelf;
Limited down time
Proprietary - Must be
replaced through Manufacturer
Carriage Locks21 - Not as secure as 2 when rip cutting
Router Insert Plate option?Yes, Floating Router CapableNo
Razor Knife Insert option?Yes, Uses OLFA Segmented KnifeNo
ACM Rolling Shear Option?Yes, Dust free cuts with rounded edgesNo
Glass Cutter option?Yes, score cutNo
InstructionsInstructional CD video plays in computer and manualManual only
Retraction CableOff-setCan pull when feeding
material from side
Blade Viewing PortYesNo
Material Rollers18
Never need adjustment
(12, can go out of alignment)
Other Cross Cutting
Models Available
Yes, 2052 (52”) and 2076 (76”)No, only 64" Cross Cut
Blade7 ¼" - Found everywhere8” - Hard to find
Depth of Cut 1.75"1.75"
Saw15 Amp Hypoid Drive
No gear oil to change
13 Amp Worm Drive
Must change gear oil after 1st 10 hours
Material RollersSteel-Sleeved Aluminum
Folding Stand Standard;
Folds like a ladder;
Takes one person to move
$188, Fixed; User must attach;
Can’t get through standard door
WheelsStandard, 5”$79, User must Attach, 4”
Rip GaugeStandardStandard
Stop Bar & TapesStandard, Includes Strip Bar$349, User Must Attach
Rotating CarriageStandardStandard
Dust CollectionStandard, Dust Brush around blade,
Saw Dust Cover, larger diameter 12’ hose and coupler.
$289, Dust Kit only, Adjustable Vinyl Tube for saw blade,
24 tooth bladeStandardSaw Blade Not Included ($83)