Changing Times….Changing Products

Changing Times….Changing Products

by Michael Della Polla, President, Saw Trax Mfg. Co., Inc.

As markets change, products need to change with them. A nimble business like Saw Trax is flexible enough to adapt. The original yel-Low Safety Dolly is ideal for store use because of the small foot print, high capacity, incredible maneuverability and ease of loading. As consumers mail order items more and more, adapting products to a warehouse environment is called for.

For warehouses use, a dolly needs greater capacity. It needs the ability to transition over dock plates and into trucks. As warehouses grow, dollies also need the ability to be moved by forklifts or pallet jacks over long distances.

The Scoop Dolly is a new piece of equipment that allows one person to move large bulk items without picking them up.  It works like a tilting hand truck attached to a fixed dolly.  Unlike tilting “A” frame type carriers, just the scoop section or hand truck section tilts, not the entire cart.

This design makes it much easier to for one person to load an item. It also allows the angle of the scoop to be changed to allow for different dimension materials to be carried. For instance, a 20-inch staircase can be carried which has a low center of gravity and an 8-foot-high Quad Door frame set can be carried on the same dolly simply by adjusting the angle of the scoop while titled back on the dolly.

A second benefit of this design is the caster last longer. The tilting A frame dollies use an all caster design like ours. Casters are designed to be used flat. They use encased ball bearings to allow the wheel to spin.

When you take the caster, and tilt it and put a heavy load on it, the encased ball bearing mechanism is stressed and the ball bearings come out of the caster making the entire device useless. By keeping the dolly part of the Scoop Dolly flat on the ground, our users don’t have this issue of broken caster or casters wearing out pre-maturely.

Another new dolly is the EPJ (Electronic Pallet Jack) dolly. It is designed to be used with Electronic Pallet Jacks. It consists of 2 or more attached raised safety dollies. These dollies can be attached on the 30-inch side or the 25-inch side. It uses the same post system of the standard yel-Low Safety Dolly. What sets it apart is are the “Pallet Jack Brackets” on opposite sides. These brackets are designed to allow the forks of an EPJ to go through so the dolly does not move on the jack when transported. With top heavy loads, this is critical. What is unique about the design is that these brackets can float up when transitioning dock plates for truck use. A center wheel in the dolly also facilitates the dolly going over dock transition plates into trucks.

For more information on both dollies, see this informative video.

For more information on Saw Trax and our products, you can contact us at (888) 729-8729.

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