New Wheeled Posts for yel-Low Safety Dolly and MovePro Moving Dolly.

In refining the MovePro wheeled post system, we have made a number of improvements that also apply to the yel-Low Safety Dolly.

First we are using the 3″ heavy duty casters used on the  Rack & Roll Safety Dolly.  These have a foot operated locking stem and wheel brake.  Their weight capacity is over 400 lbs. for each caster.

The second innovation  is the pin system used to hold the caster on the post and lock the post to the dolly.  In the past, we used a steel quick release pin.  These pins would be inserted either through the post or through the bracket holding the wheel to hold the wheel onto the post.

Now we have moved to a quick release button connector that is internal to the posts.  The advantage of the new quick release button is that it is faster to use and you don’t need to keep track of the pins used previously.

  This is the button through the post that would lock the post to the dolly.

The posts used horizontally can more than double the horizontal holding capacity of the dollies.  See the pictures below.

This is the old version with pins and different wheels.



To see how the posts attach, click here.

At at a trade show, instead of waiting hours for a pallet or crates, we can pack our entire booth onto one of these Safety Dollies.  It is easy to store in the booth and takes no time to set it up.  It gives us the option of rolling it out ourselves or putting a sticker on it and having the freight truck take it home.

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