V Groove Dibond with your Panel Saw!

Have you ever V grooved Aluminum Composite on a Panel Saw? With the Saw Trax Floating Router attachment you can!

One of the many great features of ACM panels such as Dibond, Max Metal, Polymetal and others is the product’s ability to be scored, folded and transformed into dimensional shapes. Perfect for building point of purchase displays, trade show exhibits, back lit signs, lighted sign cabinets, architectural elements and more.

How does it work? All Saw Trax Panel saws feature an interchangeable carriage system that allows for a multitude of cutting attachments to be used in place of the standard circular saw. To switch attachments simply release the two quick release pins on the top of the carriage and switch out cutting inserts – the whole process only takes seconds. Using our Floating Router attachment fitted with an ACM folding router bit you can easily score and bend your aluminum composite panels to a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Once your ACM router bit is set to the correct depth the unique design of our router plate maintains a constant pressure on the face of the ACM panel. This ensures an accurate depth of cut which is essential for shaping these panels.

aluminum composite light boxaluminum composite light box

Looking for more information? Check out the Dibond Fabrication Manual.

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