Saw Trax Manufacturing offers tools, products, and information to help make your cutting jobs easier. We understand time is money. We help you increase productivity and, subsequently, revenue. We design each vertical panel saw we produce from the user’s perspective; “What would I want if I were buying this?” That is why we are the fastest growing vertical panel saw company!


Steel Bearings and patented Accu-Square System. Accurate to 1/64th of an inch. Let us help you find the right verical panel saw today!

More than just a panel saw. Switch from circular saw to dustless knife cutter or ACM cutter in seconds!
Sign makers – this is the only sheet cutter you will ever need.

All terrain capabilities. Zero Turning radius. Self clamping. Re-configurable posts. No selection of material carts are as innovative, versatile, or rugged as ours.

Our handy flute cutters are something you absolutely need if you work with corrugated plastic. Easily cut or score along the flutes or size prints. Every shop needs at least one!


In addition to vertical panel saws, we manufacture sign maker saws, dolly carts, and corrugate flute cutters; we have productivity-increasing tools for almost any purpose.

Vertical Panel Saws and Dolly Carts

Improve your shops workflow with a vertical panel saw by Saw Trax! Our patented accu-square system ensures your saw will arrive square and stay square. From the garage shop to the industrial production plant, we have the right size vertical panel saw frame and circular saw to cut all of your substrates from plywood, plastics, PVC, aluminum, aluminum composite, MDO, MDF, Melamine, Veneer plywood, and so on.

In the wood working industry, your Saw Trax vertical panel saw can be used with a router insert saving the cost of a panel router. Our standard saw upgrades to a worm drive (2000 Series) for heavy-duty use, or a 10 1/4″ (3000 Series) for a deeper depth of cut or cutting melamine. In the sign industry, our Sign Makers Vertical Panel Saw includes a spring hold down and pivoting knife cutter. A floating router is available for cutting and folding Dibond along with an ACM shear for making dust free cuts in Dibond and other ACM materials.

Saw Trax Dolly Carts

Saw Trax also provides a full line of dolly carts for any of your material moving needs. Furniture stores to lumber supply companies: moving companies to landscape companies: we have a dolly for all your needs.

For more information about any of our cutting machines and tools, contact us today.